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Trail of The Beast (Movie)


Yugoslavia, 1979. YUGOSLAV is an ambitious reporter in a country that strictly controls the media. BLAGOJE is a colonel of UDBA before retirement, broken by health problems. Their paths cross when a brutal murder shakes a town in Serbia. They both go to investigate the case, for different reasons. In a picturesque setting, Jugoslav meets Blagoje's children, son ALJOŠA, a dissident hermit, daughter SONJA, the widow of a crime victim and a local femme fatale. Jugoslav enters into a relationship with Sonja, which disturbs his power of reasoning in an already turbulent situation. Digging deeper into the investigation, he reveals a whole treasure trove of dark secrets, and intimate and political betrayals in which Blagoje's family is involved. Searching for a challenging story, Jugoslav encounters the communist Heart of Darkness.

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  • Genres
  • Drama/Thriller
  • Seasons
  • N/A
  • Number of episodes
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  • Duration
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  • Original lenguage
  • Serbian
  • Production year
  • 2022

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