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About us

Telekom Serbia Group boasts a versatile portfolio of telecommunication services and direct operations in several countries of the Balkan region, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria maintaining also a global presence by selling television services throughout the world.

Over the last decade, the Company has been building its capacities in TV content through the production and distribution of exclusive sports programs.

In 2018 Telekom Serbia started producing high-quality feature movies and series and positioned itself as the leader in the content production industry in all of Southeast Europe.

As a result, the SuperStar TV channel, featuring such exclusive content, has quickly ranked amongst Serbia’s top 10 most-viewed channels.

Keeping up with the global trends, the Company has supplemented its portfolio of top services with high-quality featured programs, delivered across all of Telekom Serbia’s multimedia platforms and partners’ TV networks.

At the same time, TS Media, as a part of Telekom Srbija presents relevant and attractive content for further distribution worldwide.

We achieved to bring our stories to tens of millions worldwide.

Among those tens of millions are viewers of Flixlatino in South America, Globo Play (Brazil), and Disny+hotstar with a base of 45,9 million subscribers.

Our series are available on all continents, like Golden Boy on Amazon Prime Video for German language-speaking territories, Black Wedding on SBS in Australia, Besa in Check Republic, and many more.

The fact that the quality of our production is recognized by foreign production companies also shows that we have signed a collaboration on the Scar project, which will be realized in cooperation with Amazon Prime Video, led by the Plano a Plano production company.

We have established cooperation with international distributors like Beta Film based in Germany, Go Quest from India and Mediawan from France. The goal of Telekom Serbia is to push the boundaries and cooperate with foreign production companies to co-produce and distribute its own content.