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About us

Telekom Serbia occupies the leading position in the Serbian telecommunications market, providing unique and integrated customer experience. Operating under the mts brand in Serbia, the Company offers mobile and fixed telephony, TV and internet services. By introducing new services and implementing state-of-the-art technologies. The Company strives to facilitate global connectivity and to enrich people’s lives by creating conditions for outstanding communication.

Thanks to continuous investments in development and modernization of telecommunication infrastructure, network and services, the Company can successfully respond to various challenges, customer demands and expectations. Telekom Serbia Group boasts a versatile portfolio of telecommunication services and direct operations in several countries of Balkan region, maintaining also a global presence by selling television services throughout the world.

Over the last decade, as the owner of Arena Sport TV channel, the Company has been building its own capacities in the domain of TV content through the production and distribution of exclusive sports programmes. It has upgraded the acquired experience by producing series and films, which very quickly became synonymous with top quality and modern standards in this sphere, in the West Balkans.

As a result, the SuperStar TV channel, featuring such exclusive content, has very quickly ranked amongst Serbia’s top 10 most-viewed channels. Keeping up with the global trends, the Company has thus supplemented its portfolio of top services with the production of high-quality documentary and featured programmes, delivered across all Telekom Srbija’s multimedia platforms and partners’ TV networks, presenting relevant and attractive content for further distribution worldwide.