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The Fall

Based on a true story. Having become the culprit of the double homicide, a young, extremely popular actor, ends up...


In a desperate attempt to remain sane, he starts writing about his thoughts, hopes, dreams and daily struggles in the grim, harsh world behind the bars. In his heyday, a young movie star Ivan Faro becomes a culprit of a double murder and ends up in a notorious Montenegrin prison, where rules - the extreme opposite of those from ’the outside world’, apply. While waiting for forensic analysis and the trial, and in desperate efforts to preserve common sense, Faro starts keeping a prison diary, a diary of his thoughts, hopes, dreams and everyday struggles in the prison. Life in prison is cruel. Surrounded by murderers and other criminals, Faro is desperately trying to preserve his sanity and adjust to the new, cruel circumstances.

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  • Genres
  • Drama
  • Seasons
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  • Number of episodes
  • 8
  • Duration
  • 45'
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  • Worldwide

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